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MDF Staircases

Flight Stairways – MDF Staircases

MDF staircases offer an affordable and easy-care solution for all types of staircases.

We particularly recommend MDF for apartments as part of commercial or residential developments. MDF is hard-wearing and incredibly adaptable to suit all manner of finishes including carpet, timber and tiles. MDF is also easily painted in a choice of colours.

MDF is a medium-density fibreboard, engineered to be tough and dense. Manufactured with wood fibres, it is combined with wax and resin under high temperatures to form panels. It won’t shrink or warp like other materials.

In high traffic areas, MDF can withstand plenty of regular activity and at Flight Stairways, we guarantee your MDF staircase will last.

In fact, our MDF tread is almost twice as thick (25mm) as the usual staircase. The thicker the tread, the stronger the stair – ensuring your staircase endures heavy foot traffic: perfect for apartment living and a huge range of other uses.

Our MDF staircases are a highly adaptable material that can complement any design. Even as our most affordable option, MDF staircases will still draw the eye and create a strong feature in any room.

Standard sizing (straight or u-shaped) or custom-built to suit your design, Flight Stairways can provide a reliable staircase solution.

MDF Staircases For Apartment Living – Carpet Covering

MDF Staircases for Apartment Living – Carpet Covering

This apartment complex in Belconnen required durable staircases that supported the quality of the overall construction. Given the size of the project, the property developer sought a cost-effective solution, which was achieved through the use of MDF staircases. The staircases were finished with a grey carpet covering and contemporary Stainless Steel balustrades.

MDF Staircases For Residential Home – Carpet Covering

This residential home in Yarralumla required a sleek, modern staircase to suit the interior design. A straight MDF staircase was installed as a low-cost option, then enhanced with the use of frameless glass to ensure the room had an uninterrupted feel. The staircase was finished with hard-wearing carpet and a smooth stainless steel handrail.

MDF Staircases For Townhouse Development – Carpet Covering

As part of this residential building at Wright, the MDF staircase offered the most affordable option. The straight staircase was enhanced with a strong frameless glass to enable light to flow through the corridor area and up to the second storey. The stainless steel handrail and dark carpet provided an elegant, clean finish.

MDF Staircases For Residential Home – Timber Covering

An internal L-shaped staircase in Crace needed to offer functionality and superior design quality. The frameless glass balustrade featured attractive spigot fittings and a modern stand-off attachment, all finished with matching timber handrails. Timber flooring is known for its natural beauty and amazing durability, the only flooring known to have lasted 100 years or more. MDF covered with matching timber flooring provides your house with a level of sophistication. There are unlimited choices of timber flooring in the market, meaning you can create the perfect staircase design to suit your needs.

MDF Staircases For Building – Tile Covering

This opulent building required numerous staircases to suit a tiled design. Our MDF option provided an affordable and workable solution, enabling each staircase to be custom designed, then enclosed with tiles of varying designs and colours.

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