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MDF Staircase

MDF staircases offer an affordable and easy-care solution for all types of staircases.

We particularly recommend MDF for apartments as part of commercial or residential developments. MDF is hard-wearing and incredibly adaptable to suit all manner of finishes including carpet, timber and tiles. MDF is also easily painted in a choice of colours.

MDF is a medium-density fibreboard, engineered to be tough and dense. Manufactured with wood fibres, it is combined with wax and resin under high temperatures to form panels. It will not shrink or warp like other materials.

In high traffic areas, MDF can withstand plenty of regular activity. Our staircases come with a  25 year guarantee, so you can be certain that this staircase will last the distance.

In fact, our MDF tread is almost twice as thick (25mm) as the average staircase. The thicker the tread, the stronger the stair, therefore ensuring your staircase endures heavy foot traffic. They are perfect for apartment living and a huge range of other uses.

Our MDF staircases are highly adaptable and can complement any design. Even as our most affordable option, MDF staircases will still draw the eye and create a strong feature in any room.

Whether you require a standard staircase or a custom-built one to suit your design, Flight Stairways can provide a reliable staircase solution.

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Timber Staircase

Flight Stairways offers staircases made entirely of timber, as well as timber combined with stainless steel, glass or aluminium. Since 1985 we have been sourcing the world for the latest trends in materials, designs and construction to ensure that our products enhance their surroundings.

We provide a huge range of timber such as Victorian Ash, Blackbutt, Brush Box, Sydney Blue Gum, Grey Ironbark, Jarrah and Spotted Gum.  Our staircases are available in modern or more traditional designs, in closed or open-tread styles.

To ensure our staircases meet your specific design requirements, we provide a huge range of balustrades, posts and handrails. Whatever your preference, you can be assured of quality, value-for-money and on-time delivery.

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Steel Back Spine Staircase

At Flight Stairways, we’ve taken the time to create beautiful products to complement your residential or commercial design. Whether you’re building an apartment, a commercial building or a home, our staircases are manufactured with the surrounding aesthetics and functionality in mind.

We offer a vast range of quality steel back-spine staircases to suit any project. The unique, modern and creative characteristics of steel back-spine staircases can help to enlarge an internal space and improve the flow of natural light. The distinctive combination of closed and open riser into the one staircase will greatly enhance your interior design.     


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Supply Only Staircase

Supply-only external staircases are made from 275mm x 45mm treaded pine. Pre-manufactured and flat-packed ready to assemble. We can supply both the stringers and treads or we can provide them to you separately. When you purchase the kit (stringers and treads) you will also get screws, glue and a driving bit. Of course, special orders can be designed and manufactured to your specifications and they are quick, easy and simple to install. We can also supply stainless wire swaged to any length required and a range of turnbuckles.

When do I need stainless steel wire balustrade?

Building regulations regarding the installation of balustrades or barriers specify that one level must be 1m or more above another. Additionally, a balustrade or barrier must be a minimum of 1000mm high and no gap may be large enough to allow a 125mm sphere to pass through. For balustrade wires, this means you need 10 wires plus a handrail, or 11 wires if there is no handrail. If the fall is more than 4m, you are not allowed to use horizontal wires.

What size and type of balustrade wire do I need?

The most commonly used wire size is 3mm. On larger commercial buildings, 4mm is sometimes used and on smaller domestic jobs, 2.5mm is a possible option. The standard wire construction is 1×19, this being a bundle of 19 wires. The grade we use is 316 marine grade. This higher grade is ideal for a harsh environment and maintains its shine better than grade 304 steel.

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Internal Balustrade

Flight Stairways Internal Balustrades are the best choice to enhance and define interior concepts. Our materials and designs are unobtrusive to the natural surroundings of a building and won’t interfere with natural light. You will find our impressive internal balustrade range to be both practical and attractive. The huge range of material choices and colours will ensure you get the best quality as well as the detailing that you need.

Not only does our range of balustrades look great, it is also of high quality and suits any environment as well as being very elegant, allowing you to turn your stairway into a modern and stylish entrance.

Visit our purpose-built showroom and you will be amazed by the huge amount of options available. Flight Stairways balustrades are available in Victorian Ash, Pine, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Wire and Rods. We have a wide range of choices to cater for your personal style and for your space.

At Flight Stairways we always pay attention to detail and make sure that our products are stronger and safer than that of our competitors. Our balustrades are compliant with the requirements of Building Code of Australia (BCA) and are produced in accordance with AS/NZ 1866/1977 standards.  Flight Stairways balustrade systems are innovative in design with no visible fixings. 

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It is the material and design that complement any project. Flight Stairways handrails are the best choice to enhance and also define your interior concept.

Flight Stairways handrails are unobtrusive within the natural surroundings. Within a building, they won’t interfere with concept schemes and will complement the natural light beautifully.

Flight Stairways handrails are available in a huge range of timber choices and colours to make sure you will get the best quality and the details that you need.

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Storage Cages

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