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About Us


We believe that business is conducted between individuals and is largely based upon TRUST.

You have every right to know how we operate and what you can expect of any association you may have with our company. In the ‘Our History’ section below we explain our business philosophy and precisely what you can expect from us. There is a famous quote that says: ‘Judge a person on what they do or have done, not on what they say’. On this basis, you may be interested in a short profile of our recent projects. Whether you require one staircase or hundreds… one riser or many… we know we can deliver.

Nothing beats the independent thoughts of our existing customers. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and read the testimonials to find out about our existing customers’ experiences (as gathered in our regular surveys).

Ultimately, it is our existing customers who are best placed to judge our performance in delivering on our claims as to quality, value-for-money and on-time delivery. The result of our most recent customer survey shows the customer’s thoughts on their experiences. We perform this survey twice a year, and are always excited to see the results.

Why Choose Us?

  • Huge range of concepts, choices & colours

Since 1985 we have been sourcing the world for the latest trends in materials, design and construction so our products enhance your projects.

  •  Experience and reliability

We are proud to say that this is our 33rd year of continuous operation and in that time we have manufactured and installed in excess of 33,000 staircases. Our knowledge and experience is your assurance of a successful outcome.

  •  Quality and attention to detail

We provide an extra 20mm smooth nosing as part of the tread because it gives a safer, more comfortable footing, and provides a more professional finish. Most others use only 16mm sharp-edged nosing which also results in greater carpet wear.

Our MDF tread thickness (25mm) is almost twice as strong and safe as that of our competitors. The thicker the tread, the stronger, more durable and longer lasting the stairs.

  • Guarantees

We offer the longest and strongest materials and workmanship guarantees in Australia. Whilst our competitors guarantee their staircases for less than 7 years or not even, we guarantee ours for 25 years and this includes prevention of the most irritating of problems, the stair-squeak!

  • Service and convenience

We are a family owned business with an enormous focus on making it easy to do business with. We know that the ‘little things’ are important and our customers are the sole reason for our being.

  •  On-time delivery

Our computerised production system and our ‘five days from installation’ rule means we can always deliver on time… because we know that ‘time is money’.

  • Value for money

Price is what you pay, value is what you get and we’re pleased to say that our many customer surveys always rate us highly in this regard.



Our History

We are pleased to say that we are now in our 33rd year of continuous operations, having manufactured and installed in excess of 33,000 staircases and 30,000 metres of balustrading.

Yes, staircases and balustrading (in a wide range of options) are what we specialise in, hence our expression:

For All Your Internal/External Staircases, Balustrade & Handrail Needs in Timber, Steel, Glass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Wrought Iron.

It’s been an interesting and evolving journey as we transformed ourselves from a one-man “wheelbarrow” business into a “highly mechanized, computerized process-driven” business that can absolutely guarantee Quality, Value-for-Money & On-Time Delivery


Back then…

When we commenced our business, we tried to juggle all of the jobs and functions. We also noted there was an amazing consistency in the questions which customers asked. They were:

  • Can you do the job?
  • Can you do the job on time?
  • Can you do the job for a good price?
  • Can you assure me there will be no hassles?

Clearly they were (and still are) the key questions.

As a small one-man operation, as we were back then, it was difficult to deliver on these requests. Substantial changes needed to be made in order to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. 

  • We had to do things SMARTER
  • We had to do things BETTER
  • We had to do things FASTER
  • We had to GUARANTEE our products and services

Put simply, we know we have to be deserving of your business and hopefully the following insights into our business will provide you with a greater understanding as to why we believe we can deliver a satisfactory answer to those key questions above which every person considers.


We are proud to say we have a process-driven business that will not let our customers down and that can deliver on our promises as to quality, delivery and value-for-money.

We have invested in top-quality, sophisticated equipment to improve production; the computerised numerical control router is especially valuable, and no one else in our region has anything like it.

Put another way, when it comes to manufacturing, no one can match our speed and accuracy. Our developed production processes ensure a faster factory throughput, and we constantly invest in continuous improvement.

The leading computer software program in the world for the staircase industry is Stairbiz, and there is only a handful of businesses that use it in Australia, one of which is ours. This program can complete full architectural quality designs and plans almost instantly and extremely accurately; hence we get a good amount of referral work from architectural and drafting firms.

Then we have our manpower advantage. Cranked up we can have our manufacturing staff doing double shifts and our output cannot be beaten by anybody in this region.

If customers have an emergency or a tight timetable, we can call on up to 7 dedicated installers to get the job done. This is far more than anyone else meaning we have a huge advantage over the “wheelbarrow” business guy. And we have other advantages over our competitors: we can guarantee continuity of supply. This means that we have a guaranteed, locked-in, first priority to timber suppliers due to our long-standing reputation.

We have invested time and energy in ensuring our quality is first rate. For example, we have long given up using pine which a number of our competitors continue to use. This is because pine generally shrinks which causes problems down the track. Now we use MDF because it is a more consistent product and is easier to paint. We have proved that is a better product at eliminating the squeak problems. Plus, our tread thickness is almost twice as strong and safe as that of our competitors.

It’s for all these reasons that we offer a 25 year guarantee, the longest such guarantee in Australia that is not offered by anyone else. 

In closing, I invite you to look over our website to explore the possibilities. And don’t forget we have a purpose-built showroom in Canberra where you can see, touch and feel the choice alternatives.


Russell Sutton

Managing Director




“Pro-active attitude, Flight Stairways installed our staircase with minimum fuss, on time, and with the quality finish that we would expect from an industry leader”


“Everything done for Optima has been done right and on time to our work loads and time frames. Thanks everyone for a good year, see you all in the new one”


“Happy with your overall service and product, look forward to working with you again”


“You have been excellent on the job you did for us”


“We are very happy – happy with the product – happy with the install and happy with the service. I would recommend you guys to all my likeminded associates and we will definitely call you for our future projects”